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Glass Wool Insulation Pipe

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Glass wool pipe 
1. Introdution: 
Sinroad glass wool is a silk-like material made by fiberization in the TEL process and spraying of thermosetting resin. By further deep processing of thermal setting, this material can be made into series of multi-purpose fuerda products. It features numerous advantages: It is non-combustible, nontoxic, and resistant to corrosion; It has low moisture rate and good hydrophobicity. It is to date a well-recognized heat preservation, thermal insulation and sound absorption material with excellent properties. It has found wide applications. The fuerda board, felt and pipe products made of this material have been used in heat preservation, thermal insulation and sound absorption in construction, chemical industry, electronic industry, electric power, metallurgy, energy industry and transportation, presenting very good result. 
2. Characteristic: 
Non-combustibility No feint smell 
No harm to human body 
Environmental friendly Energy saving OEM available. 
3. Usage 
The materials can be cut at random according to the construction requirement. It is mainly used on the following aspects: Rooms of buildings, sound reduction system, mean of communication, refrigeration equipments, damping, and sound absorption and noise reduction of domestic electric appliance, which has a satisfatory effect. 

Glass wool blanket with aluminum foil has the effect of heat radiation hardening, a lining material mainly used in high-temperature workshops, control room, inner wall of computer lab, isolated room and flat top. 

4. Package 
Our standard package: Transparent plastic bag, if you need do a carton to protect the pipe, we can also do as your requirement.

Density 45-100Kg/m3
Shell Length 1000mm
Pipe shell diameter 18-630mm
Shell Thickness 30-150mm
R-value R1.3-5.0
Thermal Conductivity 0.035w/m. k
Working Temp -120 to +450degree
Ranking Fire A1
Dimensional at 70 1%
At 70& 90% relative humidity 1%
Water absorption in 24 hours short term 0.9 Kg/m2
in  48  hours  long  term 2.8 Kg/m2
Resistant to water vapor 7.00 MN. s. g. m